Indiana's Oldest Drive-In "On the hill, but on the level" Since 1929

Customers Share Treasured Memories

"Walked to the XXX. Tom Comingore found out it was my birthday, so he turned the lights out and had everyone sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, including Barney. Tom drew 11 candles on a package of Twinkies and gave it to me for my birthday cake." - Mary, St. Louis, MO

I've been coming here since 1956 when I was seven years old. I come here every time I come to West Lafayette. I visit The Triple XXX, it brings back memories of my childhood and the nickel root beer. I also like that the place hasn't changed that much. It hasn't been taken over by a chain. - Tom, Chatham, Massachusetts

My Grandmother lived on Andrew Place and each year on our birthday outings we went to The Triple XXX for a root beer float. There were 4 children in our family and Grandmother always made The Triple XXX part of our special day. Thanks for the great memories. - Dawn, West Lafayette, IN

We, Gerald and Martha, were dating in 1935 and The Triple XXX was our favorite eating place, a chop steak and a frost was always the menu. We brought our children here starting in the 40's until they left home. When our daughter was a student at Purdue, this was our stopping place. She graduated in 1966. We were farmers and I was an office manager in Mulberry. We are now retired and still live in the Mulberry community. Every time we get a chance and even if we aren't close, we know where to get a good meal. Our grandson, from Missouri, graduated from Purdue and we introduced him to The Triple XXX. He now lives in Washington, D. C., area, his sister lives in Indianapolis and they were here last week for The End of Season Concert. A stop at The Triple XXX was necessary. We remember when the steaks were grilled in the NE corner of the restaurant. It has been enlarged and every bit of space put to use. The taste and flavor is just the same. Good, good, good. - 5/19/03