Indiana's Oldest Drive-In "On the hill, but on the level" Since 1929

Listen to the Rave Reviews we've gotten!

"I think it is the best place to get a burger." - Dan, West Lafayette, IN

"I think that you guys have the best damn burgers that I've ever eaten, your fries are always hot (a rarity now a days), and your root beer is always nice and cold in your frosty glass mugs. Basically I tell all my friends how much of a kick ass restaurant your guys are and how tight it is that I live right down the street from you guys." - David, West Lafayette, IN

"...It reminds me of Chicago style diners that are so good." - Matt, Skokie, IL

"My parents took me to the Triple XXX at a very young age. It's still one of my favorite restaurants and when I am home to visit, I still like to drive across town to get that hamburger & frosty. It has such good memories with my parents and with our children. I especially enjoyed the years when there were car hops. I ate there a lot when I was a student at Purdue. It was a relaxing place to go - to be able to sit in the car and wait for the food." - Marilyn, Lamar, Missouri

"You are one of my favorite restaurants...especially at 3 o'clock in the morning. Thank you for your loving support in feeding me. You're breakfast special rules." - Robert, Columbus, OH

"I think your restaurant serves the best steaks, burgers and breakfast on campus and probably in the whole Lafayette area as well. Pancakes are the best I've ever tasted. Long may you run!" - Nick, Griffith, IN

"I think the the Triple XXX has been my ultimate favorite diner to enjoy the famous chop steaks. I have been going there since 1949 when I was a freshman at Purdue. The people [the staff] are just wonderful servers. They always aim to please. I thank you for keeping the good tradition of food Greg and Carrie. I love you guys." - Bernie, Lafayette, IN

"I think the Duane Purvis All-American is the greatest burger anywhere." - Scott, Indiana

"Only place except home I ever eat cheeseburgers. Always just what I expect." - Rosemary, Lafayette, IN

"I've been coming here since 1956 when I was seven years old. I come here every time I come to West Lafayette. I visit The Triple XXX, it brings back memories of my childhood and the nickel root beer. I also like that the place hasn't changed that much. It hasn't been taken over by a chain." - Tom, Chatham, Massachusetts

"Yum!" - Sam, West Lafayette, IN

"This might be the finest dining establishment I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy." - Justin, Indianapolis, IN

"Burgers, Biscuits & Gravy and Sundaes, best in town!" - R.E., West Lafayette, IN

"The Triple XXX restaurant has the best burgers!" - Heather, Lafayette, IN

"Stopping past the Triple XXX is a given when visiting friends at Purdue." Matthew, Wadesville, IN

"Your food is wonderful. Love the new diner too, since it's close to my home." - Nancy, West Lafayette, IN

"I think it's a great comfy and cozy joint!" - Jeanna, West Lafayette, IN

"I love your restaurant. I just wish there were more around, although I am grateful there is one close to me. Thank you." - Westley, Sammamish, WA

"The food is very good. I love the biscuits and gravy. The help is always friendly. Keep up the good job." - Swanee, West Lafayette, IN

"So good!!!!" - Matt, West Lafayette, IN

"Very courteous, good food." - Shawn, Cloverdale, IN

"Help is pleasantly sassy. Always enjoy coming in." - Rick, West Lafayette, IN

"Enjoy coming here! Very good food." - Shawn, West Lafayette, IN

"Purvis rules baby!" - Frank, Lafayette, IN

I love this place! - Alissa, West Lafayette, IN

"Wonderful service." - Lauren, West Lafayette, IN

"Great food, friendly and courteous employees. The very best frosts!" - Roger, Rossville, IN

"Your food was great." - Chad, Lafayette, IN

"We love XXX! It's a great place to sit and read and relax and get some good food too." - Anne & Nic, West Lafayette, IN

"I like the atmosphere, it's a lot of fun. Our waitress was really nice." - Ralph, New Whiteland, IN

"Super ... as always. We love coming here. You are a great family." - Marilyn, West Lafayette, IN

"I think your restaurant is the best! Good luck with your new venture. Nice web site." - Linda, Schuylerville, NY

"I think...Triple XXX is one of Lafayette's finest traditions! Keep up the good work and consistently fine food!" - Mike, Lafayette, IN