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Triple XXX Root Beer

Triple XXX Root Beer is serious business. From the early days of its inception, to the loyal soft drink lovers who keep coming back for more, a Triple XXX Root Beer isn’t just any Root Beer. There’s flavorful history surrounding this product.

In the 1920’s, close to 100 Triple XXX Thirst Stations dotted the landscape along the United States and Canada, with over 150 bottlers producing the frothy product. It wasn’t just road warriors consuming Triple XXX Root Beer—you would’ve also found the soft drink for sale on Mississippi steamers.

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You Can’t Get Any Better!

Wondering where the Triple XXX moniker came from? It all boils down to distinguishing a product’s excellence; a grading system. Back in the day, sugar, gunpowder, and even kegs of beer were stamped with a certain number of X’s related to the quality, or grade, of the product.

One X on the package symbolized it was good. Two XX meant it was even better. Three XXX was tops—the best of the best. History tells us you can’t get any better than Triple XXX Root Beer.

Triple XXX Root Beer has its roots in the brewing industry and can be traced all the way back to Anheuser-Busch. When prohibition came to Texas in 1916, the company reorganized its soft-drink production in their Galveston breweries to keep their doors from closing. Pretty savvy, right?

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Where We Are Today

In 2008, the Ehresmans purchased the Triple XXX Root Beer brand, rights, and formula. Greg went to great lengths to make sure the recipe was crafted just like the original was all those years ago. He wanted customers to experience the Root Beer he remembered as a kid. The Root Beer he crafted as a teenager.

Bottled exclusively in Chicago, Triple XXX Root Beer is stocked by retailers across Indiana and available for purchase at the restaraunt.

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